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Outdoor wood plastic composite pergola designs / 5mx5m layout / OLDA-5001-03

Outdoor wood plastic composite pergola designs / 5mx5m layout / OLDA-5001-03

    • Outdoor wood plastic composite pergola designs / 5mx5m layout / OLDA-5001-03
    • Outdoor wood plastic composite pergola designs / 5mx5m layout / OLDA-5001-03
  • Outdoor wood plastic composite pergola designs / 5mx5m layout / OLDA-5001-03

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: OULIDAWPC
    Certification: FSC,ITS,ISO9001:2008,CE
    Model Number: OLDA-5001-03

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiation
    Price: Negotiation
    Packaging Details: iron frame pallet with covering panel
    Delivery Time: 7-12 working days
    Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union
    Supply Ability: 500 kits per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Material: Wood Plastic Composites Color: Stock Color For Quantity Less Than A 20' Container
    Size: 5m*5m*3m (16.4ft.*16.4ft.*10ft.) Accessories: WPC Material With Inserted Steel
    Customized Size: Is Acceptable Weight: Special Discussion
    Volume: Special Discussion

    Outdoor wood plastic composite pergola designs / 5mx5m layout / OLDA-5001-03





    Model#: OLDA-5001-03
    Size (Length*Width*Height): 5m*5m*3m (16.4ft.*16.4ft.*10ft.)
    Frame material: WPC (wood plastic composites)
    Colors: Ready series for choose,stock color if quantity is less than a 20' container
    Profile Description: 200*200mm(Post);200*80mm(Beam);160*80mm(Blade)+accessories etc.

    Patio wood plastic Pergolas Section


    The wood plastic pergola is perfect for an outdoor dining&barbeque&backyard area, or for a poolside respite from the sun.

    We use only WPC(Wood Plastic Composites) material to create a unique design for your home or business.

    Comparing with wood, WPC have much more advantages such aslonglifespan, environment protect,Waterproof,Anti-UV,Rotproof,No maintain cost etc.

    Our wood plastic pergola kits come ready to assemble with all detail cuts made, all beams notched and all hardware provided and detail install instruction gave.

    We designed these kits to meet the needs of those of persons who are” home/garden project impaired”.

    All surfaces (including notch-outs and detail cuts) can be pre-treated at our facility with high quality deal, to protect and preserve your home improvement investment from the elements.

    Our WPC Pergola is guaranteed for life against yellowing, cracking, chalking and other manufacturing defects for as long as you own it.

    Designed to be placed on a deck, patio, or treestanding in the garden. The pergola kits can be assembled in short time, requiring only a few common tools. They are easy, affordable way to make a big design statement in your backyard.


    Comparing quality? When comparing prices, remember to also compare thequality and advantagesas well.



    Main Performance:

    1. looks and feels like natural wood;
    2. Durable , firm because of its high density;
    3. high degree of UV and color stability; highly resistant to moisture and termites;
    4. easy to install,requires no painting,no glue,low maintenance;
    5. 100% recycle,environmental friendly,saving forestresources; barefoot friendly,anti-slip,no cracking; weather resistant,suitable from -40 to 60 centigrade.



    Color for choose


    As colors can be changed by computer or light,it's subject to real perfomrance.



    The Comparison between WPC(wood plastic composites) & Wood &Iron
    Characteristic The landscape products of WPC The landscape products of Wood The landscape products of Iron
    Price Stable rising higher,rising
    Appearance Beautiful Beautiful with nature wood texture Stiff,difficult to coordinate with surrounding
    process difficulty Easy more difficult difficult
    Assemble difficulty Quickest quicker slow
    Maintenance free or a little Regular painting to fill cracked Difficult to repair and regular maintenance
    Moisture Resistance Waterproof Water absorptive Rusty
    Rot Resistance Antisepsis Rot except special treating Antisepsis
    Split Resistance No Cracked Cracked by weathering effect No Cracked
    Distortion Resistance Almost no Contraction /expansion Distorting effected by change of moisture and temperature no Contraction /expansion
    UV Resistance High grade UV resistance Easily effected by UV UV resistance
    Fading Resistance Almost No Easy to fade Almost No
    Outdoor adaptability Great Only few of treated-wood adaptive ok
    Durable/Longevity >8-15 years <3 years <3 years
    Environment Effect Recyclable 100% Consume woods Consume iron ore/Corrosive



    patio wood plastic Pergola OLDA-5001-03 Layout(Measure:mm)



    Outdoor wood plastic composite pergola designs / 5mx5m layout / OLDA-5001-03



    DIY wood Plastic Pergola 5001-03 Material List


      Wood plastic pergola 5001-03 Material List
    Material No. Description Size(mm) Quantity Unit Remark
    WPC Profiles 1 Post 200*200 11.4 Meter Insterted steel
    2 Beam 80*200 24.2 Meter Insterted steel
    3 Blade 80*160 55 Meter Insterted steel
    4 cover of beam   5.7 Meter  
    5 Cover of blade   17.6 Meter  
    Inserted steel 6 Steel 1 insert (Into beam)   13.5 Meter 2mm thickess
    7 Steel 2 insert (Into blade)   8.8 Meter 3mm thickess
    8 Steel insert (Into blade)   49.5 Meter bigger one
    Accessories 9 Cover of Post   4 Piece  
    10 Support of post(Into post)   4 Piece H=1200
    11 Expanded screw M12*120 4 Piece  
    12 Cross screw M10*215 16 Piece  
    13 Cover of cross screw M10 32 Piece  
    14 tapping screw   33 Piece  
    15 decking cover   44 Piece  
    16 black gluewater   1 Piece  
    17 The others   1 Piece  
    18 wastage of material and labor working        
    19 export packing        
    It is the rough list first may be different from our final list.For reference only.      
    wood plastic composite pergola kit proceeding pictures
    Outdoor wood plastic composite pergola designs / 5mx5m layout / OLDA-5001-03



    Models For Reference


    Model# Reference Pictures Outside Distance Size (Length*Width* Height) Main Profiles Description Estimated Volume (CBM/KIT) Estimated Weight (KGS) Estimated Loading Quantity (in 20ft container)
    4m*4m*2.5m (13ft.*13ft.*8ft.) 200*200mm(Post); 200*80mm(Beam); 160*80mm(Blade) 1.6 850 16
    4m*4m*3m (13ft.*13ft.*10ft.) 200*200mm(Post); 200*80mm(Beam); 160*80mm(Blade)      
    5.3m*5.3m*2.8m (17.4ft.*17.4ft.*9ft.) 200*200mm(Post); 200*80mm(Beam); 160*80mm(Blade)   1300  
    5m*5m*3m (16.4ft.*16.4ft.*10ft.) 200*200mm(Post); 200*80mm(Beam); 160*80mm(Blade)      
    3m*3m*2.8m (10ft.*10ft.*9ft.) 200*200mm(Post); 200*80mm(Beam); 160*80mm(Blade) 1.32 450-500 19
    3m*3m*3m (10ft.*10ft.*10ft.) 200*200mm(Post); 200*80mm(Beam); 160*80mm(Blade)      
    4m*2.2m*2.8m (13ft.*7ft.*9ft.) 200*200mm(Post); 200*80mm(Beam); 160*80mm(Blade) 1.5 600-700 17
    3m*2.2m*2.8m (10ft.*7ft.*9ft.) 200*200mm(Post); 200*80mm(Beam); 160*80mm(Blade) 1.1 400-450 23
    5m*4m*2.9m (16.4ft.*13ft.*9.5ft.) 200*200mm(Post); 200*80mm(Beam); 160*80mm(Blade) 2.6 650-720 10
    5m*3m*3m (16.4ft.*10ft.*10ft.) 200*200mm(Post); 200*80mm(Beam); 160*80mm(Blade) 3.5 600  
    7m*3m*2.66m (23ft.*10ft.*8.5ft.) 200*200mm(Post); 200*80mm(Beam); 160*80mm(Blade) 2.8 600 9
    6.6m*2.8m*2.8m (21.65ft.*9ft.*9ft.) 150*150mm(Post); 200*60mm(Beam); 160*60mm(Blade)     10
    6m*4m*2.8m (19.6ft.*13ft.*9ft.) 150*150mm(Post); 200*80mm(Beam); 160*80mm(Blade)   780 9
    6m*4m*3m (19.6ft.*13ft.*10ft.) 200*200mm(Post); 200*80mm(Beam); 160*80mm(Blade)      
    8m*4m*2.5m (26ft.*13ft.*8ft.) 200*200mm(Post); 200*80mm(Beam); 160*80mm(Blade)      
    3m*3m*2.5m (10ft.*10ft.*8ft.) 150*150mm(Post); 200*80mm(Beam); 160*80mm(Blade) 1.3 250 25
    3.6m*3.6m*2.5m (12ft.*12ft.*8ft.) 150*150mm(Post); 200*80mm(Beam); 160*80mm(Blade) 1.6 400-500 24
    3.8m*3.8m*2.8m (12.5ft.*12.5ft.*9ft.) 200*200mm(Post); 200*80mm(Beam); 160*80mm(Blade)     20
    2.5m*3m*2.5m (8ft.*10ft.*8ft.) 150*150mm(Post); 200*80mm(Beam); 160*80mm(Blade) 1 350 27
    3.35m*2.8m*2.5m (11ft.*9ft.*8ft.) 150*150mm(Post); 200*80mm(Beam); 160*80mm(Blade)     20
    4m*4m*2.66m (13ft.*13ft.*8.5ft.) 200*200mm(Post); 200*80mm(Beam); 160*80mm(Blade)      
    4.12m*4.12m*2.5m (13.5ft.*13.5ft.*8ft.) 150*150mm(Post); 200*80mm(Beam); 160*80mm(Blade)     15
    4.5m*3.5m*2.8m (14.8ft.*11.5ft.*9ft.) 200*200mm(Post); 200*80mm(Beam); 160*80mm(Blade)      
    4.7m*4.3m*2.5m (15.4ft.*14ft.*8ft.) 200*200mm(Post); 200*80mm(Beam); 160*80mm(Blade)      
    3m*3.6m*2.5m (10ft.*12ft.*8ft.) 150*150mm(Post); 200*80mm(Beam); 160*80mm(Blade)     18
    2.5m*2.5m*2.5m (8ft.*8ft.*8ft.) 150*150mm(Post); 200*80mm(Beam); 160*80mm(Blade)     27
    11.4m*3m*2.8m (37ft.*10ft.*9ft.) 200*200mm(Post); 200*80mm(Beam); 160*80mm(Blade)     7
    12m*4m*2.1m (39ft.*13ft.*7ft.) 200*200mm(Post); 200*80mm(Beam); 160*80mm(Blade)      
    9m*4m*2.1m (29.5ft.*13ft.*7ft.) 200*200mm(Post); 200*80mm(Beam); 160*80mm(Blade)      
    19.3m*4.55m(63.3ft.*14.9ft.)no height 200*80mm(Beam); 160*80mm(Blade)      
    8.3m*5m*2.8m (27ft.*16.4ft.*9ft.) 200*200mm(Post); 200*80mm(Beam); 160*80mm(Blade)   1500  
    2.6m*1m*2.4m (8.5ft.*3.3ft.*7.9ft.) 160*80mm etc.      
    5m*2.5m*2.85m (16.4ft.*8.2ft.*9.35ft.) 200*200mm(Post); 200*80mm(Beam); 160*80mm(Blade); 90*70mm;40*50mm etc.      
    6m*2.5m*2.85m (19.6ft.*8.2ft.*9.35ft.) 200*200mm(Post); 200*80mm(Beam); 160*80mm(Blade); 90*70mm;40*50mm etc.      
    7m*2.5m*2.85m (23ft.*8.2ft.*9.35ft.) 200*200mm(Post); 200*80mm(Beam); 160*80mm(Blade); 90*70mm;40*50mm etc.      
    3.8m*1.45m*2.81m (12.5ft.*4.8ft.*9.2ft.) 150*150mm(Post); 200*80mm(Beam); 160*80mm(Blade); 40*50mm etc.      
    6m*1.4m*2.81m (19.7ft.*4.6ft.*9.2ft.) 150*150mm(Post); 200*80mm(Beam); 160*80mm(Blade); 40*50mm etc.      
    6m*1.4m*2.81m (19.7ft.*4.6ft.*9.2ft.) 150*150mm(Post); 200*80mm(Beam); 160*80mm(Blade); 40*50mm etc.      
    exradius 8m inner circle radius 5.5m 200*200mm(Post); 200*80mm(Beam); 160*80mm(Blade)      
    exradius 8m inner circle radius 5.5m 200*200mm(Post); 200*80mm(Beam); 160*80mm(Blade)      
    14.3m*1.5m*2.9m (46.9ft.*4.9ft.*9.5ft.) 200*200mm(Post); 200*80mm(Beam); 160*80mm(Blade)      
    2.7m*2.7m*2.7m (8.8ft.*8.8ft.*8.8ft.) 200*200mm(Post); 200*80mm(Beam); 160*80mm(Blade); 56*80mm      
    8.3m*5.35m*4.4m 200*200mm(Post); 200*80mm(Beam); 140*32mm; 56*80mm etc.      
    If you want to know details of each wood plastic composite pergolas models,please contact us.We also can provide reasonable customed size just advise your Length*Width.Thank you.

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